Another exciting Adventure

I just became the organizer of the artists meetup group;
Twin Cities Digital/Digital Mixed Media Artists
80+ members looking for a way to network, share ideas and learn new techniques for creating Art. I’m attempting to schedule the get-togethers.

About TwinCityArt

Yes Geeks are those lonely guys (boys ?) that live in Mom’s basement. Dungeons & Dragons, video games and at least 3 computers. If we’re lucky we meet a girl when we reach 30 something. Socially inept and always looking for a reason to leave the party … even Mom’s birthday!! Point is, most people ... are shocked to discover we have non-geek passions. I’ve been an Artist for 30 years. Beautiful moments in life inspire me to capture them on film and create the Comic Style Art burning in my brain. These pieces of Comic Art do reflect my geeky-ness and I believe you will find them Uniquely Intriguing.
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