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How about Something New??? Take Virtual Comic Books, add Real People as the Heroes and Villains, mix in great Writers & Directors … WHAM! On-Line Graphic Novels with 'Action Panels'.6 great stories written by 5 different writers, we Cast Hot Sexy Women (and some guys) as theHeroes and Bitches. 

  • Serial Killer Capital of the world … who knew there was an Award??
  • Next would be the Vampire Executives … and a Vampire Assassin
  • A Nightmare Reality with residents … don't even get me started on The Night Stalker.
  • Aliens … nothing new there … wait, they're the good guys? That means we're the Beasts.
  • Whoa … an Alien from that story created this Super Bitch … we're still the Beasts.
  • Finally, just a guy … sure he's got unlimited Criminal resources and  he's better looking then any of us(?)
We are part of  this huge community of Independent Film Makers … seriously talented people, many of them are now working with me to produce these Action Adventures. Talk about Talent, wait until you see the Stars … Beautiful, Sexy Women beating the shit out of everybody … and having moments of Naked Reflection (?).       And real guys too.

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