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About Us

We've attempted the impossible for the last 10 years. Sci-fi Action Adventure movies … with no budget. Impossible you say, we have to agree. Sure there are Indy film makers out there making films all the time and they are very good. Our problem was, we wanted special effects, extraordinary makeup, high quality digital effects … explosions, fires, guns, dramatic locations we could screw with.

We wanted talented, beautiful actors with the experience to push these productions to the next level. Finally, we wanted a realistic production schedule and a product you, our audience, would fall in love with.

Five years ago we came up with the idea of comic book like movie making. Real people in real scripts acting their hearts out for you. We had 6 great stories, each with an addictive plot-line. Each had to meet our rigid concepts and styles. Time to choose the first and then the second and so on. We sat down at a table one Saturday and could not settle on just one. These stories were going to be virtual ongoing adventures. Most of us are just like you … geeks who can't get enough of this stuff.

So, we're going to make all of them at once. Wow! This is a boatload of work. There are a thousand details and another thousand setbacks. And we wouldn't give it up for anything.

So enjoy and spread the word, we have over 40 people working on this so far and we'd like to pay them something for all their efforts. And those dollars will open new doors and even more dynamic stories.

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