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Alien Rising; Alien Bounty Hunter

New London, a mega urban center (slum?) of the 21st
Century. With 7.3 million inhabitants, or should I say
victims, it's the 3rd largest city on the planet. Police
databases show that 37,000 known felons reside here.
Doing the math, 1 out of every 200 people is a felon – so
why are there 6 of them living in Hogan's building. Just
lucky I guess.? ?

Oh, yea, only 713 actual felons have been arrested in the
last 7 years. The Police aren't very good at their job.
That's why they turn for help to outside services. There
are 28,000 public Enforcers and 46,000 private
Mercenaries helping them out on a regular basis. Last,
we have 16, oops 15, Alien Bounty Hunters. They only get
involved when it becomes profitable for them. Hogan
Sloan and her former partner Sidney Wade (recently
'terminated') are the ones who were actually responsible
for 78 of the above-mentioned arrests.

Hogan was drawn into the Bounty Hunter business 7
years ago by Sidney. They met at the Cheers Pub, 2 blocks
from Hogan's Apt. building. She was recently unemployed
when, for the last time, she told Sergeant Thomson to
shove it. Yep! She's an ex-cop. She watched one to many
fellow cops die … mostly cause the Police were unable to
adapt to the idea of extraterrestrial beings walking their
streets. Hogan knew better … no one on the force would
believe her.

altTime for something new. Sidney was certainly that. Sidney developed Alien tracking devices and two new styles of
laser and sonic weapons. She had the backing of the scientific community. Her sister was killed by the worst of the alien rogues … they nick-named it … 'Jack the

Sidney needed a streetwise partner to continue her hunt. Hogan and Sidney became great friends. They worked out
of Hogan's west side Apt. Sidney even developed a special shower tube to "completely" neutralize any contaminate
they would run across.

Sidney was killed by Jack 13 months ago … Hogan just
left her apartment, for the first time today.

These are her stories…

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