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Abandoned; "chaos rules"

 The story takes place in the near future (2020 ad).
Times have changed. We have our first woman
President-Hilary. We have a government that is
deciding how bad our vices are for us—they've
outlawed smoking! Advances in our courtrooms …
taking a bite out'a crime, takes on new meaning,
as the witness chairs now have built-in
lie detectors.

We focus on Margaret Malone, a babe with a
multiple personality disorder (MPD). Margaret is
one confused individual. She has these
'powers' ... Psychic abilities that allow her to tap
into the power of the Wirr (think 'the Force' if you're
big on Stars Wars). This Wirr allows the people
connected' to it, to draw on it and accomplish
otherwise impossible feats.

Margaret calls it her curse.

As a child, her only 'episodes', experiences with the Wirr, were the
result of extreme fits of anger. Things flying about smashing walls
and windows … were her legacy while growing up. At the age of 8, her
years of anguish culminated in an explosive fight with her mother
about how "mom loved the baby twin sisters more then Margaret".
Three rooms of furniture were destroyed in the outburst, and one of
her baby sisters was accidentally killed when a large bookcase
toppled over on her. Margaret has never forgiven herself.

Shortly after that, Margaret was relocated and moved in with her
Aunt Gretchen. Gretchen lived in the country, was very laid back, loved
Margaret-Oh yeah, she was also a practicing Witch. Believing in Magic,
Gretchen was very accepting of Margaret's powers. As Margaret
grew, she was still unable to control them. Finally she discovered an
Ancient Tie Chi Master who taught her secret mind control principles
and disciplines. She also discovered smoking had a calming effect
when she was unable to focus her thoughts.

Now she could feel almost normal. College was breeze for Margaret.
She excelled at everything she attempted. She decided on Law—justice
and discipline appealed to her. While in college, she discovered a
research project that investigated psychic ability. She joined the
research group and met Zak. Wow! Someone who suffered from his
connection to the Wirr, nearly as much as she! (he's never killed
anyone). They became best friends.

Margaret gets a job with the District Attorneys (DA) Office. She likes
the power of putting away criminals-she's one of their best. But, she
smokes, and Zak smokes. She's a criminal! She's one of the top DAs
breaking the law daily. Smoking has gone the way of drugs ...
underground hangouts, street corner dealers, mobster pushers.
Shady basement hangouts/saloons now cater to peoples' base
needs. Margaret hangs at the local Smoke Easy. Of course, she sends
these people to prison weekly. So she needed a cover, an alternate
personality if you will—Maggie is born. As a sexy, streetwise broad,
Maggie gets to play and experience a lot of the stuff she missed as a
kid. Being bad sometimes feels good!

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