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A Dark Continent; Midnight Never Ends 

 Rebecca seems to be losing her grip on reality. One
day she emerges from a café into…a massive cavern.
Worse, something is chasing her. Something big and
horrible. She doesn't want to think about what
would happen if it ever caught her. She doesn't even
know what it looks like. All she knows is that, no
matter what, she has to keep running.  

Rebecca is lost in a strange and topsy-turvy world
where nothing is ever what it seems. Peaceful
woodland turns into menacing wilderness in the
blink of an eye. Enemies lurk around every corner –
many of them disguised as Rebecca's own family and

Fortunately, Rebecca has some help. Her best friend
Skye appears every now and then. Trouble is, she
can't quite be sure whose side Skye is on. And then
there's the mysterious creature called Ladybird
(half-bird, half-beetle), who seems to know an awful
lot about Rebecca. But can she be sure that she can
trust either one?

As she fights for her life, Rebecca is confronted by
something almost as disturbing as the being that is
pursuing her - the memories of her own dark and
troubled past. They come to her, unbidden and
unwelcome - these terrible revelations of who she
was and is. They may hold the key to what is
happening to her and why, but they also suggest
that she has somehow brought this situation upon

Meanwhile, something terrible is after her, and she
doesn't know why, or how to stop it, or even if it can
be stopped. Worst of all is the feeling that, somehow,
she is trapped in a strange world that she cannot
escape - a world where the creature's will is law,
and its law is absolute. She refuses to give up hope,
and she will not stop fighting, no matter what. But how
long can she resist something with absolute power?

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