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Absolution; Survival Instincts

  Time for a twisted Tale, hang on. When you've accidentally
created a beautiful super human who kills people to live …
well, the least we could do is share the story, right? A
little background is in order.

It's the late 21st Century, people have fucked the world
just the way we've imagined. The rich are very rich, 28% of
the population lives on the street. Crime has been on a
steady climb for 30 years. Not enough jobs, not enough
cops, no room left in the jails … gun control is
mandated … hell! Paperboys were carrying. Only the rich
could afford real food … your food is recycled (think
hard, you'll get it).

And! Aliens do live amongst us.

Of course this inspired a whole new job description … the
Alien Bounty Hunter. Specially trained, highly intelligent
people putting their lives on the line with every job. But,
that's another story (on this site!!). How this involves us
is, you ask?? (go ahead … ask?) Well, our Tale follows
the trail of an Alien half-breed. Take one Bounty Hunter
and one particularly nasty Alien … it wins in a back alley
showdown … the Hunter ends up impregnated … 3 days
later she dies as a beast bursts out of her body. Of
course it gets away. For about four weeks it scurries
around the back alleys of New London, feeding on
anything that moves … it's small yet, not up to killing

It's time for another transformation. Seems this species
… or hyper-species … is continually upgrading it's DNA. So
it finds a dark corner in an abandon building … builds a
cocoon, and transforms into it's/her current body. Full
grown, beautiful, woman-like, remember "she" has only
been alive for 4 weeks. A true infant, yet, she feeds on
human brains.

Follow her adventures in a dark savage world of lost
souls. She's an outsider, She's a super-human child, she's
a monster killing people with no regret. Her Alien DNA
provides her with unique (sometimes disgusting) powers.
She was named by her first adult victim … Rue!


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