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Adventures in Depravity: The Skelterville Story

  Welcome to Skelterville! You are so screwed. For
the Cupid's come to town. In a city known as 'Serial
Killer Capital of the World,' the Cupid is the foulest
of fiends. He's a rabid, cannibalistic, misogynistic,
misanthropic, fanged, clawed, unstoppable,
psychotic gargoyle. He slaughters in ways most
gruesome and artful. He only appears the week of
Valentine's Day, murdering so many, the town sign
has both a population number and a projected
population number by the end of the week, and the
latter significantly lower than the former.


The Cupid is a wicked menace, and only one knows
his true identity. Who is she? What is her stake in
this? Why won't she tell? The who is Sammy Byrd, a
luscious and crusty detective, who's so lethal, she's
mowed down 150 serial killers, a whole corner of
Skelterville Cemetery reserved for her present and
future kills.What's Sammy's stake in this?

For one, Dana Driscoll, a scarred and tormented
victim of the Cupid, determined to exact vengeance
against the sanguine spook. For another, the Cupid
and Sammy have a past. And Why is Sammy not
spilling? Well, to know that, dear reader, you'll just
have to say a prayer and dive in, yourself. And when
you do (how could you not?) bring a pair of goggles
for the spatter, at least three friends to watch your
back, and remember, Beware, beware the Devil all
lovebirds fear! 

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