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The Story Intros

Alien Rising; Alien Bounty Hunter


New London, a mega urban center (slum?) of the 21st
Century. With 7.3 million inhabitants, or should I say
victims, it's the 3rd largest city on the planet. Police
databases show that 37,000 known felons reside here.
Doing the math, 1 out of every 200 people is a felon – so
why are there 6 of them living in Hogan's building. Just
lucky I guess.   


Abandoned; "chaos rules"

 The story takes place in the near future (2020 ad).
Times have changed. We have our first woman
President-Hilary. We have a government that is
deciding how bad our vices are for us—they've
outlawed smoking! Advances in our courtrooms …
taking a bite out'a crime, takes on new meaning,
as the witness chairs now have built-in
lie detectors.

We focus on Margaret Malone, a babe with a
multiple personality disorder (MPD). Margaret is
one confused individual. She has these
'powers' ... Psychic abilities that allow her to tap
into the power of the Wirr (think 'the Force' if you're
big on Stars Wars). This Wirr allows the people
connected' to it, to draw on it and accomplish
otherwise impossible feats.

Margaret calls it her curse.


Afterlife; The Hunt Continues

                                                                                OK, here's a story you're either going to love or hate.
You've seen these shows/movies about a "Slayer"-you know,
someone who hunts the Vampire. Well, they're based on
ancient lore which actually is true (pretend for a
second you believe in Vampires ... or this just isn't
going to be any fun at all). Of course Hollywood got it
all wrong. It's not just some little girl, who somehow
randomly gets assigned the job of Slayer ... no way!
Adventures in Depravity: The Skelterville Story


                Welcome to Skelterville! You are so screwed. For
the Cupid's come to town. In a city known as 'Serial
Killer Capital of the World,' the Cupid is the foulest
of fiends. He's a rabid, cannibalistic, misogynistic,
misanthropic, fanged, clawed, unstoppable,
psychotic gargoyle. He slaughters in ways most
gruesome and artful. He only appears the week of
Valentine's Day, murdering so many, the town sign
has both a population number and a projected
population number by the end of the week, and the
latter significantly lower than the former.
Absolution; Survival Instincts

 Time for a twisted Tale, hang on. When you've accidentally
created a beautiful super human who kills people to live …
well, the least we could do is share the story, right? A
little background is in order.

It's the late 21st Century, people have fucked the world
just the way we've imagined. The rich are very rich, 28% of
the population lives on the street. Crime has been on a
steady climb for 30 years. Not enough jobs, not enough
cops, no room left in the jails … gun control is
mandated … hell! Paperboys were carrying. Only the rich
could afford real food … your food is recycled (think
hard, you'll get it).

A Dark Continent; Midnight Never Ends

 Rebecca seems to be losing her grip on reality. One
day she emerges from a café into…a massive cavern.
Worse, something is chasing her. Something big and
horrible. She doesn't want to think about what
would happen if it ever caught her. She doesn't even
know what it looks like. All she knows is that, no
matter what, she has to keep running.  

Rebecca is lost in a strange and topsy-turvy world
where nothing is ever what it seems. Peaceful
woodland turns into menacing wilderness in the
blink of an eye. Enemies lurk around every corner –
many of them disguised as Rebecca's own family and




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