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Afterlife; The Hunt Continues

  OK, here's a story you're either going to love or hate.
You've seen these shows/movies about a "Slayer"-you know,
someone who hunts the Vampire. Well, they're based on
ancient lore which actually is true (pretend for a
second you believe in Vampires ... or this just isn't
going to be any fun at all). Of course Hollywood got it
all wrong. It's not just some little girl, who somehow
randomly gets assigned the job of Slayer ... no way!


Here's where it gets bumpy, hang on! The deal is ... except
that Vampires and trolls really do exist. Next, assume they've
got some sort of a social structure, or, hidden society. Of
course they're shunned by people ... feared, hated, hunted.
And of course they are evil. And since they only look like
humans, they're needs and desires (lusts' ... in some cases)
are very different from our own.

First, remember that everything you know about Vampires,
you've learned from Hollywood (unless you actually read
books?). And Hollywood is not often recognized for its
academic excellence. Reality often completely escapes
them. They change the rules whenever it conflicts with a
good camera angle. 'Only at Night' 'wooden stakes' 'no
reflections' 'Must be invited in(?) '-Hollywood! Safe to say, I
didn't even really know what motivates a Vampire ... 'til I met
Tasha ... a Slayer.

That brings me to the next point of this discussion ... trolls.
You know, those slimy 2/3-armed creatures from Hell. Wrong!
Evil-yes; appear to be humans-often. Even Hollywood hasn't
bothered to "define" them. You see a troll in a Movie when the writer
needs some "thing" really bad, and he's played the alien card too
often ... "We'll just make it a troll, then it can be anything we
want!" Well trolls have lived on Earth nearly as long as we
have. Sure, they're often ugly, degenerated beasts-but, they've
still got a mother (we're not sure about fathers). And they've got
feelings, lots of feelings. (that's a whole 'nuther book)

The good news, trolls are so similar to humans, they can even
inter-breed with us. And the bad news is ... they like to inter-breed
with us. This can often produce some horrific mutants … which
generally become supper ... and, 1 out of every 100,000 off-spring
is a Slayer.

Why a Slayer you ask ... go ahead ask me! Well, imagine you're
an evil race of beings. You've shared the Earth with another evil
race of beings for thousands of years. You've lived in caves,
basements, dungeons, abandoned churches-they've lived in
castles. You eat all manner of disgusting things-they drink the
blood of humans. You're ugly, vile, filthy creatures that often walk
about on all fours(fives)-they are romanticized, lofty beings nearly
god-like who are rich and infamous. Now suppose at no real cost
to you, you could train one of your super-powered half-breeds
to live among humans and exact revenge on Vampires-no brainer,
huh? We call 'em Slayers!

These are the adventures of a Slayer named Tasha ...

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